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Introduction to the Great Books

The Introduction to the Great Books series of classes will expose you to some of the great thinkers of the Western World as you explore diverse subjects still relevant to today’s technological world:

  • What is government and why is it necessary?
  • Is there really good and evil?
  • What does it mean to be citizen?
  • What is truth?

The Great Books of the Western World will get you thinking about these topics in new ways, but at a relaxed pace that won’t tax your lifestyle and at a cost that won’t break the budget.

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ReValue America

To Change a Nation, Start with Yourself

The Tytler CycleWhere is America on this cycle and why does it matter?

The Tytler Cycle describes a roughly 200-250 year cycle that many civilizations have followed – Greece, Rome, America.

Some progress rapidly through the cycle in a matter of weeks or even days, such as the Hungarians in 1956.

Others progress at a more steady rate, but progress nonetheless.

Having never seen this before, most Americans today place the country somewhere on the left side of the diagram.

We know that we are headed for a period of dependence and bondage.

Is there no hope for the future? There is hope!

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Foundations of Liberty

You are a concerned citizen. You want to do your part to preserve liberty in the land and for your posterity. But you have a busy life. A business to run, an employer to answer to, or a household to manage, etc.

Welcome to the life of the original American Founders. Today, our nation is calling for a new generation of founders who are willing to stand up and exert the same kind of intellect, sacrifice and Public Virtue that was exhibited in the 1700’s.

Foundations of Liberty is a course of study designed specifically to give you the base you need to lead out as a New American Founder and still allow you to meet your current obligations of building your marriage, family and developing your career or business.

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